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Colonial adds new Orbotech Sprint 120 Inkjet printer


The new Orbotech Sprint 120 inkjet printer has arrived!

The Sprint 120 inkjet printer achieves top quality and speed for consistent, volume production of advanced legend designs.  Sprint's digital printing solution eliminates the entire screen mask preparation process and requires only one baking cycle resulting in shortened production times.

Features include:

  • Optimized algorithms for fine text and filled areas.
  • UV LED lights allowing on-the-fly drop curing and printing of features down to 0.5mm.
  • Automatic scaling and measurements for each panel resulting in registration accuracy of 35μm.
  • High depth-of-focus (1.5mm) allowing accurate and uniform printing over challenging surface topography.
  • Fully integrated hardware, including vacuum table, clamps and retractable bridges, completely flattens the printing area to ensure top quality results on warped panels and a variety of thicknesses





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