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Fischer Multi-measurement System

In the fast turn market, time is one resource that’s in short supply.  Preparing and analyzing cross sections to verify copper, dielectric, registration, etc., is not only time consuming, but quite costly.

“When the product mix includes orders that do not require cross sections, the Fischer Multimeasurement system can move us one step closer to making that critical shipment,” says Rod Krick, Manufacturing Manager at Colonial Circuits, Inc.  “While the unit can’t replace the required section mounts for the military, NASA, or others, it can help us verify and ‘dial in’ plating recipes, streamlining process times to benefit our customers.” 
What's unique about the system is its ESL08A probe. The heart of the probe is the measurement element in the needle-shaped tip.  When inserted into a through-hole for measuring, the probe creates Eddy currents that flow essentially in the longitudinal direction of the copper sleeve, eliminating any measurement influence by internal layers.
“We’ve found the system to be easy to operate, reliable, and very accurate,” noted Mark Osborn, Colonial’s president.  “In addition, the Fischer product is built in Windsor, Connecticut.  I’m always pleased when we can demonstrate our commitment to buy American.”


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