I did talk with Roger on the further testing of the heavy copper boards. The testing went well on the boards and the boards are in assemblies and working well. I have not heard any quality or functional issues. You guys performed very well and provided us a product that few others can. I think you will be on top of the list for other heavy copper board applications. Thanks for helping us on this project !

I want to emphasize that ya’ll did wonderful work given the timeline and the fact that we started on a holiday, everything in the end worked out fine.

Colonial has always been my “go to” board house.  

This became a hot order for my customer and the day early helps.



John just stopped by to show me his board.  He’s very excited about how good it looks.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for helping us make this happen in the tight timeframe!
Thanks again for your expeditious attention to this whole thing. We got it this morning and it’s already on the work table – board looks good. Look forward to working with you guys again.  

Brian - Navy

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